Modern Magnificence 🤩🤩
Modern Magnificence 🤩🤩

Modern Magnificence 🤩🤩

Modest colour pallette is used to accentuate the finer decorative features of this residence while providing the interior with calming atmoshere 😍😍😍
Capturing the leisurely resort vibe, the living hall is mainly decorated with white coloured finished that radiate lovingly under natural lighting to provide a natural and calming presence for the interior. 
The application of glass and reflective surfaces adds to the sleekness of its design while enhancing the spaciousness of the rooms.
Refined with a selection of opulent crystal chandelier, plush sofa set and marble floor, the living room exemplifies the best of modern luxury as its timber ceiling provides warmth with a sense of homeliness 😍😍

*We are an interior design & renovation company specialising in Bungalow & Semi-D design.*
Over the past 14 years, our primary focus has been on the design and build of Bungalow & Semi-D. 

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Published : 20-Jan-2023

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